Amy Sinton has emerged as a globally recognized and award-winning Life & Business Coach, driven by her insatiable quest for knowledge and growth.

B eing born in England, and growing up in Poland, Amy was initially shy and nerdy, but she cherished her time with her younger brother and enjoyed the playful camaraderie of her friends. Amidst her parents’ divorce, she navigated between living with her mom and visiting her dad, nurturing her favourite pastime of reading and learning whenever she had a moment to spare.

“I’ve always had a deep passion for learning since I was little. Reading books has been a source of personal and professional development, inspiration, and innovation for me. I’ve explored various interests such as science, biology, psychology, art, languages, acting, and dancing. Through these diverse pursuits, I’ve gained insights into emotions, body language, communication, relationships, overcoming challenges, and understanding the human mind.”

As Amy matured, she made the decision to obtain a diploma from CoachWise Poland, one of the pioneer coaching schools in Poland, and a specialization in leadership and management from Harvard Business School Online. Amidst her commitments as a mother, she managed to juggle her studies and delve into the world of business by assisting in trainings and engaging with successful entrepreneurs.

Today, Amy supports a wide range of clients, including business owners, high-ranking executives, doctors, job seekers, and others who play critical roles in the economy. Her approach is rooted in coaching methodologies and asking empowering questions rather than telling people what to do. She assists them in their career and business development while supporting them in achieving their goals.

Amy’s expertise in the corporate arena has garnered her prestigious accolades such as being recognized as one of the ‘Top 10 Executive Coaches of 2022’ and ‘Top 20 Life Coaches to Look out for in 2022’ by NYC Journal. Her contributions have been featured in various publications, including Forbes People, The NYC Journal, HuffMag, Her Forward, and GlobeStats. Additionally, she has created a YouTube channel with over 100 videos on selfdevelopment, goal achievement, business, and personal life coaching.

“I am grateful to be able to do what I love and feel passionate about. Seeing how I’ve positively impacted someone’s life and supported them in avoiding negative outcomes brings me immense fulfilment. I consider this an opportunity and blessing that I value and don’t take for granted. Working with people and witnessing their success as a result of my coaching energizes me.”

Amy’s business strategy revolves around cultivating genuine and compelling content while embodying self-awareness and the audacity to explore unexplored domains. She places great emphasis on comprehending the underlying theories of concepts before implementing them, embracing calculated risks that foster unwavering confidence.

However, like any journey, Amy has faced her fair share of challenges. Her approach to overcoming them involves maintaining organization and dedicating a few minutes each day for introspection. This allows her to gain clarity, re-evaluate strategies, and prioritize tasks. In challenging situations where uncertainties arise, she emphasizes the importance of dedicating the necessary, albeit uncomfortable, time to figure things out. Effective communication, expressing emotions, and fostering mutual support in personal and professional relationships play vital roles in navigating these obstacles.

Conquering challenges has also enabled Amy to uncover her strengths. “I consider myself structured, empathetic, and assertive. I possess a logical mindset while also embracing creativity and maintaining a task-oriented approach when coaching people. Previously, I tended to prioritize others’ happiness over my own, but I’ve learned the significance of self-awareness, setting boundaries, prioritizing my needs, wellbeing, and happiness also.”

As a leading life coach, Amy shares an important message with our readers: “Success varies for each individual. Pursue what you are truly passionate about, align your life and work with it, and remain consistent. Success will inevitably follow. Don’t hesitate to seek support and surround yourself with positive individuals who uplift and inspire you.”

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