Recipient of the 44th (President Obama) Presidential Legacy Lifetime Achievement Award (2023) and the 46th (President Biden) Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award (2022), Dr. James JC Cooley has led a Life of Service, first as a Navy veteran and now as a Leading Youth Mentor and Speaker.

James’ goal is to provide avenues for all people regardless of their social economical background, beliefs and religion. “I believe everybody is born with the ability to be successful but we must all find our God-given purpose. I am a living testament that you can achieve if you believe, and so can you.”

Born in Chattanooga, Tennessee by a mother who had 10 children by 6 different fathers, James’ struggle was to leave the bondage of poverty to make something of himself and become educated. Full of unwavering grit, he retired 23 years later as a Navy veteran who’d risen up the ranks to achieve Officer status.

With a will to become the best version of himself and serve others, he shifted his focus to Education upon retirement and obtained numerous academic achievements and degrees. He also holds a Doctorate of Philosophy from Trinity International University Ambassadors (T.I.U.A School of Business and part of UN) and is known today as Dr. Cooley.

His primary focus is to instill in youth, young adults and communities, that they can do anything they set their minds to. “What drives me is love for everyone and everything and that requires having an open mind and being able to adapt to things that might not be part of your society or upbringing. We can all be a family if we allow ourselves to Dream Big, Think Big and Be Big in everything we do. Having the right attitude, mindset and focus will shape our youth, young adults and future generations 

because they will be the world and future leaders of tomorrow. It will require all mankind thinking and believing in the betterment of others.”

To further this purpose, James established the JC Cooley Foundation almost a decade ago. Today, the group has grown exponentially and James is the President & CEO of The JC Cooley Foundation Options & Opportunities/ The Choice Program a 501c3 non-profit organization; President & CEO of JC Cooley Innovation Solutions; CEO and President of It’s Your Life Media Television; and CEO and President of Cooley Books Publishing Company.

The Foundation provides life skills and mentorship programs to all young adults in need. By providing over 250 scholarships, they greatly enhance our economies, communities and a collective worldview that we all must contribute to making our planet a better place to live. By mentoring and providing vision, understanding and focus to youth and communities to continue education,they teach them that their contributions will be of value to not just America but the whole world.

James’ business strategy involves being honest and ethical at all times, and create an environment of shared ideas. He’s always open to collaborating with other likeminded people who want to make a difference in the global society. “It does not matter where you are from, people are people and we all want to be successful in whatever we choose in life. This requires being able to accept different perspectives no matter what your beliefs are with a willing heart. I have an appetite to educate, enlighten, encourage others to be all that they can be.”

This explains why in addition to being a husband, father and entrepreneur, James is also a sought after Motivational Speaker, TV/Radio/Podcast Host, Author and Community Activist. He has been the featured guest speaker for several major companies, the U.S. military, schools and events. He is the Host of the popular James Cooley Show – IT’S YOUR LIFE. And his latest book is ‘Country Boy, City Boy, A Journey That Ain’t Over Yet’, a memoir based on his life experiences.

His lifetime commitment to serving others has seen James being recognised on national and international platforms. He was presented with the 1992 Senior Enlisted Admirals Gallery and Renken Award of Merit for the Cooley fitness show breakfast tutoring program for underprivileged and academically at-risk students; he was selected as one of the first George H. Bush’s One-Thousand Points of Light recipients for outstanding community service; and he was awarded the ABC Channel 10 Salute to San Diego Military Heroes Award in 2015.

Summing up, he says, “Family is the most important thing, business is secondary, and success is our primary goal. It takes a person truly knowing themselves, mentally, spiritually and physically, to know that money is not everything, but there is a higher power that we must serve.”

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