As one of the country’s most illustrious advocates, Mohanraj Mishrimal Singhi’s (M.M. Singhi) dream journey echoes that of Independent India itself. Born just before independence in 1939 in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Mohan enjoyed an idyllic childhood before growing into a responsible youth and eventually, a leading lawyer and Founder of – Singhi & Co. Advocates & Notary.

Born to Shri Mishrimal Singhi and Shrimati Naini devi, Mohan was the youngest of five siblings. He was still in school when his father retired, and he took it upon himself to build a remarkable career. At the age of 15, he started taking tuitions and did odd jobs during summers. Once he finished school, he joined the S.M. College of Commerce to complete his Bachelors in Commerce.

Thanks to a recommendation by Shri Sampatraj Bhandari (IAS), Mohan began his professional life on 1st May 1960 (World Labour Day) as a Typist and Stenographer in the office of Shri Shubhkaran Dugar, owner of a composite processing house in Ahmedabad.

With big dreams and a low salary, he convinced the owners to let him study further and joined Sir L.A. Shah Law College where he completed his LLB and LLM. He vividly remembers this period for two good reasons. “First, I purchased my most valuable asset – my typewriter. And a few days later, I found my fortune in my wife Veena.”

In the next couple of years, Mohan worked at New Gujarat Cotton Mill; I.M. Nanavati, Advocates; C.C. Gandhi & Co., Advocates; and finally, La Gajjar, where the owner Lalji Gajjar recognised his capability and started giving him high-profile assignments in Mumbai.

“Looking at my passion and dedication, Veena, who was a true visionary, insisted that I start my own firm. At first, I resisted. But encouraged by her courage and confidence in me, we finally established M/s Singhi & Co. in 1979.”

Renowned for his expertise and ability to deliver before time, it didn’t take long for Mohan to firmly establish himself. He even got empanelled with regional players like GIIC and GSFC.

One day, he got a call from SLM Maneklal and won an assignment for their Debenture Trust Deed. He invented a new cost saving process and completed work worth Rs 7,50,000 in just Rs 6,000 and earned the nickname ‘Debenture King’. Soon thereafter in the 80s and 90s, all the big local and multinational firms started visiting him, which included Aditya Birla, Lalbhai, Nanda, Singhania, Bajaj, and many more.

Such path-breaking work saw Singhi & Co. among the creme of the legal fraternity, and inundated Mohan with awards:

  • Honored by ‘Oswal Ratna’
  • Appreciation Letter from Governor Anandiben Patel
  • Certificate of Excellence by Golden Book of World Records
  • The Confederation of International Accreditation Commission jointly with Young Scientist University (USA) granted him ‘Doctor of Excellence’ in Sri Lanka, 2018.

Today, Dr. M.M. Singhi can look back at a legacy as rich as that of India. “My legacy is very well carried forward by my son, Sandeep Singhi. Sandeep is one of the leading Consultants on Corporate Law in the country. Thanks to his hard work, Singhi & Co. is flying high and chasing new horizons.

I’m also very proud of the Law Library that we have built together over decades. Our library of law books is considered among the Top 10 in the country.”

Dr. Singhi takes equal pride in being a philanthropist and selflessly serving the society. “Veena used to love music and philanthropic work. She always used to say – If you spend 1 rupee for society, God will give you 2. Her nature of helping the needy combined with my struggle in the early days, enlightened my soul towards social welfare. 

With the grace of God, I have tried my humble best to pay back to society in the last three decades by supporting hospitals, schools, cow protection homes, and temples wherever we can.” Dr. Singhi founded the Veena Singhi College of Nursing and M.M. Singhi Institute of Nursing in Ahmedabad, and serves as a Trustee in various hospitals, foundations, schools, etc. all over the country.

He considers himself infinitely lucky, loved, and blessed that even at the ripe age of 84 years, he can attend office every day. An inspiring symbol of leadership and dedication, Dr. Singhi’s only desire now is to “work till the last day, if God permits.”

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