Dr. Obadare Peter Adewale’s (DrOPA) journey from modest beginnings to a Global Digital Leader is reminiscent of the African dream and resilient spirit. An award-winning, Pan-African Cybersecurity and Governance, Risk & Compliance Expert (GRC), he is the Chief Visionary Officer (CVO) and Co-Founder of Digital Encode Limited.

Arguably the most ‘Credentialed’ Digital Technopreneur with over 55 International Professional Certifications, Dr. Adewale is affiliated with the likes of Forbes Technology Council, Fellow British Computer Society [FBCS], Fellow Institute of Information Management [FIIM], among others.

“I come from a very humble beginning.. brilliant and smart, but with limited societal opportunities. Ignoring these constraints, I had to enhance my knowledge capacity and capability. I am married with a joyful family, and my circle of influence is from various local and international social-cultural and social-economic sectors. Building my professional career was never easy, but I had vision and an intentional must-do spirit to attain sustainable success in the Wheel Balance of Life.”

Peter’s educational qualifications include a Master of Science in Cybersecurity from Liverpool University, UK; and a Honorary Doctorate Degree in Cybersecurity from Trinity International University of Ambassadors, Atlanta, USA.

He is also a distinguished alumnus of Executive education at Harvard Business School, Harvard School of Government, MIT Sloan School of Management, MIT Professional Education, and Oxford University – Said Business School.

While Africa is now undergoing rapid tech transformation, how did Peter find his way to the digital universe more than 20 years ago? “The idea emanated from spotting information and cybersecurity opportunities that masqueraded in the form of gaps in my country Nigeria. As an indigenous trailblazer with a global perspective, the journey was never easy; it took relentless effort to persuade companies and regulatory authorities that Cybercrime, Cyberattack, and Cyberwar are realities they must accept 

as a result of various technologies they use to enable their businesses. There was also the need to persuade organizations and top management of the importance of establishing Cyber Resilience based on their People, Processes, and Technology.”

In 2003, Peter co-founded the company – Digital Encode Limited, to provide Information Technology (IT) Assurance to small, medium, and large-scale businesses across Nigeria, West Africa, Africa, and the world at large. Today, the organisation serves over 90% of financial institutions and 80% of Telco companies in Nigeria, and is a Technical Partner to the Central Bank of Nigeria Electronic Fraud Forum (CBN-Neff).

“Our organization’s business strategy is a phenomenon that most competitors take for granted: being ‘Customercentric’ in our approach. Understanding the clients’ pain points with appropriate solutions being provided and setting directions for meaningful opportunities that will positively impact their ROIs has produced repeatable and reproduce-able outcomes.”

Peter’s personal strengths too have contributed to his success. “I attribute it to the concept of KASH (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Habit). When applied correctly, it could make an ordinary person an extraordinary personality. Sharable growth areas that others can learn from is akin to annexing quality business relationships early and having the consciousness to nurture them. Also, understanding how to play in your niche blue ocean space amidst the red ocean business environment will give you the leverage you envisioned.”

Peter’s extensive knowledge and expertise have aided both the private and public sectors of the economy nationally and globally to operate with confidence and resilience. By fortifying the digital ecosystem, he has been able to empower organizations to thrive, bolster investor confidence, and foster economic growth in an increasingly interconnected world while creating a reasonable assurance of their Security Returns on Investments.

This has resulted in numerous awards including:

  • The Peak Performer 100 – Excellence in Leadership & Entrepreneurship for The Year 2023 (West Africa)
  • Business Day Lifetime Achievement Award 2022
  • Cyber Security Experts Association of Nigeria (CSEAN) – Outstanding Individual of The Year 2022
  • BOICT Man of the Year 2020
  • ICT Watch Magazine Cybersecurity Personality of the Decade 2020
  • Honorary Citizen of Georgia & Key to the City Award

As a seasoned Business Leader, Peter possesses an innate ability to identify emerging market trends, forge strategic partnerships, and navigate complex challenges, all while maintaining a relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence. This hunger for business empowers him to seize opportunities, inspire his team, and consistently deliver value to clients, ultimately fueling the growth and success of his ventures.

Speaking of his passion, he says, “As a Cybersecurity Thought Leader with over 2 decades of experience, my passion lies in safeguarding businesses and individuals from evolving digital threats. What truly drives me is the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the security landscape, staying 10 steps ahead of cybercriminals, and ensuring the protection of my customers’ sensitive data. With a customer-centric drive at the core of my approach, I strive to provide innovative solutions that address their unique challenges, earning their trust and fostering long-term partnerships.”

A man of infinite wisdom, we can’t let Dr. Adewale leave without a message for our readers. “Be professionally humble to learn, unlearn and re-learn. Do not underestimate the power of Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, and Habit (KASH) as you journey through professional and other spheres of life.”

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