Born and raised in Queens, New York, Lisa started to educate others on how to stop reenacting self-sabotaging beliefs responsible for toxic relationship dynamics, after a lifechanging divorce. Today, she is a highly sought after expert for victims of Narcissistic Abuse, Adult Children of Alcoholics, and Recovering Approval Addicts, aka Codependents.

What makes Lisa a leading ‘Breakthrough’ Life Coach is her ability to help people recover from traumatic childhood experiences. Her work is founded upon breakthrough research in neuroscience and blends the art of self philosophy to satisfy the mind, body, and soul of the goal-driven individual who is motivated by a desire for personal excellence, in spite of any past experiences.

Lisa reached this stage of awareness after an emotionally neglectful childhood and a dysfunctional first marriage. The moment she understood that her childhood affected her subconsciously and limiting beliefs were responsible for the poor quality of her life experiences, she made it her mission to live above the veil of consciousness and teach others to do the same. By committing to self-awareness, she successfully overcame ego defense mechanisms, backward rationalizations, and any hint of self-pity.

“It is not a coincidence that adult children from alcoholic homes marry or tend to develop alcohol dependencies. ‘Consciousness’ is the key to overcoming the body’s memory of past traumas and the propensity to repeat subconscious patterns rooted in abandonment trauma and emotional neglect.”

Lisa’s career as a Life Coach for adult children of alcoholics and narcissistic parents bloomed once she published her first book – ‘The Road Back to Me’, and after she began sharing her recovery journey on YouTube. She recognized the need for clear, logical, and compassionate education regarding childhood trauma and proven strategies to help break self-abandonment cycles. Today, her YouTube channel has over 600K subscribers, she has authored 8 books, and emerged as a popular Apple podcast host.

Her strategy is simple yet effective – she appeals to her audience because she has walked the walk of codependency recovery and offers real-life 

talk that reaches the hearts of those in need of her guidance. While recovering from the fallout of a toxic marriage, Lisa learned about the powers of the subconscious mind and how children are in hypnotic brainwave states up until seven years of age. Applying this to her life, she recognized how her parents had conditioned her to seek approval from others at the expense of her authentic self, which inevitably manifested as codependency. Her uncanny ability to educate those who struggle with subconscious limiting beliefs to understand the science of the brain and its response to traumatic childhood experiences offers her clients a healing dose of logic and clarity.

Lisa has made it her life mission to help stir the awakening of as many wounded adult children as possible and empower them with the life skills they need to live consciously. Her inspirational work has been acknowledged across prestigious global platforms:

  • Voted the #1 Most Influential Person of 2020 (Digital Journal)
  • Voted among Top Ten Most Inspirational Women of 2021 (Yahoo Finance)
  • Top Ten Mental Health Experts 2021 (Yahoo Finance)
  • Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs to Look Out For in 2022 (Entrepreneurs Herald)
  • ‘Codependency Now What?’ – Voted one of the top 20 must-reads for anyone looking to upgrade their personal and professional lives (USA Today 2021)
  • ‘Breakdown to Breakthrough’ – Voted among Top Mental Health Podcasts
  • Actors from the hit movie ‘Waves’ credited Lisa during an LA TIMES interview while studying for their roles.

Yet, Lisa’s biggest personal achievement has been the fact that she was able to break the subconscious cycles responsible for self-abandonment, codependency, depression, and anxiety. Presently, she is enjoying the fruits of her self-healing journey in a healthy, fulfilling second marriage to her partner and husband, Anthony. Together, they are consciously raising a healthy blended family and living a rewarding, authentic life in Long Island, New York.

In her free time, Lisa regularly meditates, journals, and spends quiet time contemplating her priority lists. Her love of family is at the top of that list. She is unwilling to compromise her core values and believes that only by living an authentic and transparent life does she have the right to serve others’ highest good. After all, when one person heals, the ripple effect is unmeasurable.

Leaving us with some food for thought, she sums up: “What happens to a human during childhood becomes the blueprint for life. The impact of adverse childhood experiences can be enormous. The process of selfdiscovery, although painful at times, has the potential to unleash the unlimited power of an organized mind. Therefore, may you know that despite where you have been or where you are now, there is no limit to what you can achieve once you believe you are worthy to receive.”

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