United State based Nicovanna Shannon is a leading Financial Strategist, Business Coach, Mentor, Speaker, and Author.

She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from Auburn University and an MBA from Troy University before rising the ranks in Corporate America.

When we met the livewire that Nicovanna is, we were hardly surprised. But it is when we met her mother, the indomitable Rosa LeSure Shannon, that we realized where Nicovanna gets her winning spirit. Articulate, commanding, and full of wisdom, Shannon Senior is the living embodiment of a true Women’s Leader.

“My secret sauce is my mom. When we were young and resources were scarce, my mom used to make a detailed financial plan and live by it. For years I watched her effective money management, and that is where my passion for financial literacy took flight,” says Nicovanna of her mother.

Rosa LeSure Shannon has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Education from Alabama State University with a Master of Science Degree in Public Administration from Troy State University. She pursued a career with the Department of Defense, US Air Force serving for 34 years. She served as Director of Small Business and Chief of Contracting specializing in Acquisition to include contracting, business development, market research, and negotiation. Born with a visionary acumen and propelled by circumstances, Rosa turned out to be a master financial planner. She not only managed her own household, but also assisted her family and friends in making beneficial long-term financial choices. Most importantly, she dedicated herself to community service and paved the way for Nicovanna to execute her legacy of financial literacy, in minority communities and small businesses with special focus on the minority African American community.

As an international financial consultant, Nicovanna has spent a decade leading stint in sales, accounting, management, and recruitment. Today, she is the Principal Owner and CEO of Shannon, Shannon & Associates Inc. as well as Phoenix Fire Inc.

After years of advising their intimate circle of people, the mother-daughter duo decided to take the plunge and established Shannon, Shannon & Associates Inc. in 2006. A family-owned financial planning firm, SSA excels at assisting people through financial setbacks, and implementing strategies for a strong comeback.

“When we started out in 2006 as a mother-daughter duo shelling out financial advice, we understood it could be years before we saw promising results. Yet, we remained committed to our dream and here we are, 17 years later, growing steadily and building wealth for minority communities and small businesses,” says Nicovanna.

The firm provides services such as long-term and shortterm budget goal setting, 5-year strategic planning surrounding investment and estate planning, help to become credit worthy, stabilizing and increasing your buying power, and wealth building

One of their most popular programs is Super Saturdays – which consists of two sessions lasting two hours a piece that focuses on five key money matters topics. Their other services include a power packed six-week Personal Finance Boot Camp and a six-week Entrepreneurship Finance Boot Camp. The training they offer focuses on breaking bad spending habits and creating new habits through mentoring.

It might have taken them time, but the duo has certainly found their niche. “Women, minority community and small businesses are the backbone of America, and we must help them emerge as savvy money managers, no matter the income level,” they say in unison. “When people come to us, they stay because of our loving approach and encouragement. We celebrate even the small victories and over time, people change and transform for the better,” adds Nicovanna.

What began as a small business startup in Montgomery, Alabama is today a flourishing global business that even the pandemic couldn’t shake. Speaking about it, Nicovanna says, “Prior to the pandemic, we were nationally recognized. But the virtual path didn’t kick in until COVID. Thanks to a growing online presence, we were not affected negatively. In fact, we attracted a much larger international audience and remained financially sound.”

How difficult was it for the duo to converge together, we ask them. “Professionally, we believe in sticking to our goals, knowing what we want to be, and how to get there. I am empathetic, and mom is the enforcer; you need both things,” says Nicovanna. Rosa adds, “We are a good balance. Our challenges stem from our different schools of thought. It is not good to be alike. We appreciate the different perspectives, talk it through, and there are absolutely no battles.”

All praise for her mom, Nicovanna adds, “Hard to believe, but I could put myself through college without any loans, thanks to mom’s superior planning. Even when I needed revenue to set the business, we did not have to break the bank as mom turned up and eased the investment.”

Inspiring, resourceful, and committed, this mother-daughter duo is a rare combination. Leaving us with a message, they say: “It is always good to dream of where you want to be and build on it. Get a mentor and build a solid foundation. The result will be wealth, happiness, and a beautiful future.”

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