Vikki Rood’s life journey, filled with love and distress in equal parts, led her to emerge as a Transformational Life Coach, especially for women worldwide.

As a young child, Vikki was the oldest of 4 kids in a family full of uncertainty. Her father struggled with alcoholism, and walking on eggshells and worrying about what would happen was the norm. Vikki was always a nurturing and supportive older sibling and friend and tended to put her needs, feelings, and ideas last. This would

 go on to explain her gravitation towards performance, leadership, and high-risk behaviors later in life.

As she grew up, Vikki vacillated between being goodytwo-shoes and a party girl, having discovered alcohol herself. She completed college, moved to the big city of Chicago, and began working in the hospitality industry. After getting married, she had two children and found great success in Sales and being a Director on the Leadership team. Eventually though, she realized she had an addiction problem. She decided to sober up and was able to raise her 2 children and support herself. Yet, something was missing.

As she became professionally and financially successful, Vikki became more and more distracted and drained emotionally and spiritually. “I knew something had to change. But I had no idea how that change would manifest, because I dare not take a risk as a single mom. That is when a dear friend mentioned that I should be a ‘Coach’. She shared with me the value I brought to her life and how I support so many others. I took a leap of faith and signed up for the Artist of the Spirit coaching course. What developed was a mission to create a space for women wherein they could discover their worth and choose to live joyfully.”

Today, Vikki has emerged as a leading Transformational Life Coach, especially for women worldwide. Serving multiple levels of leaders, she is a trained improviser and corporate trainer for emotional intelligence, group mind and teamwork. “I simply 

support people in uncovering what is already inside them – passion, values, intrinsic worthiness, and joy. I create a safe and compassionate environment where the women I work with can see themselves fully. We use transformational, selfcompassionate, and joyful ways of being our authentic selves and discovering how to put ourselves on the list of priorities. This helps us find balance, self-love, and create a life worth living.”

Vikki’s strength lies in seeing people for who they are and allowing them to identify their strengths and passions. “I am able to listen to what isn’t being said and allow alternative ways of seeing things. One way that has helped me is speaking authentically in a fun and honest way so that others can come to self-awareness on their own.”

She is also able to create healthy boundaries in business and personal life, so that she is able to show up powerfully in all areas. She has a theory about work, relationships, and self-acceptance that was given to her by a wise friend – ‘Relentless forward motion’.

“Through prayer, meditation, music, dance, and love, I choose to create a balanced and vision-driven life. I have learned how to continue to pay attention to the present moment and choose joy again and again to create and cultivate a life of abundance.”

Vikki is a mother of two, engaged to be married to her best friend, and has a close group of friends and family that mean the world to her. Intuitive and empathetic, her list of clients is ever growing too. During the pandemic, she was able to share virtual meetings with thousands of people all over the world, and bring healing and recovery every day. Going digital helped her reach become global and trained her how to use her voice and platform to elevate others.

“I believe that the driving force in growing as an emotionally intelligent and spiritual coach is that business is the byproduct of living in my vision. The more we resonate with people who are drawn to our message, the more we cultivate opportunities to be a force of positive change for others and ourselves.”

Sharing a heartfelt message for all our readers, Vikki sums up: “My lowest moments created the greatest opportunity for me to see things clearly with love for myself and the world. I believe we all have a bright shining light inside us which, through our journey in this world, gets covered with the messiness of uncertainty, self-doubt, being busy, and ways to disengage and check out. But remember the truth of your heart - We are all magnificent, powerful, bright humans and we get to choose how we shine that light. Together, we can thrive with joy and create a life worth living.”

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